2014 Jamaica Mission Team

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2013 Jamaica Mission Team

We’ve arrived! After a long day of travel yesterday we finally arrived in Morant Bay late last night. We were greeted with a warm welcome (and some warm Jamaican food!) the moment we got to the church. After eating a quick snack and a few minutes of hanging out we headed to bed to get some much needed rest. Keep us in your prayers this week and be sure to check back often for more updates!


Sunday, March 17th

We had a great first day of worshipping and getting to visit with old and new Jamaican friends. Church this morning was at Morant Bay Church of Christ followed by an incredible lunch prepared for us by the gracious ladies of the church. Our next stop was to the private beach in Lysson for some time to relax! We were able to end the day with Sunday night service at SoHo Church of Christ. A church that was actually built by previous Lipscomb Jamaica Mission teams.

We are looking forward to getting started on our work projects for the week tomorrow. It should be a busy and productive day! Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

A special shout out tonight to Katy and Molly’s families! :)


Monday, March, 18

Our first day of working with and for the Jamaicans was a success! We were able to divide into two work projects today. One group worked on framing a house, Jamaican style for Brother Gentile. The foundation had already been laid so we were able to get started right away. The second group went to a home that had caught on fire and burned earlier in the year. Plywood walls were able to be hung yesterday by the group. We will returning to our first job site tomorrow to continue work and hope to be able to do the same with the second site.

Later in the day a group went to see a home which they had built last year. It was nice to be able to see the work you have done and the effect it has had the family and community. This particular family was very excited to see familiar faces and meet new people!

Once everyone had showered and changed we made our way to Bamboo River for a street meeting. For all but three this was a first time experience for our team members. A preacher from the Preaching School gave the word after singing was lead. New relationships were started at the street meeting that we hope continue to grow this week.

Tuesday will have in store a trip to a primary school, continued work at the first job site, a Bible meeting, and a street meeting in Yorktown. Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers, we truly appreciate it!

**Tonight’s winner’s of the Big Boy and Big Girl awards are: Graham and Anna! Graham has fit right in here in Jamaica. He was a very hard worker on the job site and was asked for by name in continuing to help. This normally doesn’t happen on the first day! His work ethic was noticed and appreciated very much. Brother T may have found his new working partner! Anna has done an incredible job of stepping outside of her comfort zone and doing whatever is needed of her. It is very encouraging to see someone so willing and eager to help!**


Tuesday, March 19

Our worked continued at the first job site today and was a slow, yet productive process. The entire structure has now been framed and the step of nailing up plywood has started! It is coming along and encouraging to see progress. We should be able to continue the plywood and begin on the roof tomorrow.

We had a small group visited a primary school today. We were able to play with the students then act out and discuss the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors. Another group visited a neighbourhood pre-school and taught the Jamaicans games such as Duck, Duck, Goose!

Our Bible study went very well and will be meeting again today. The husband and wife we met with have decided they are ready to be baptized and will be doing so this Sunday! Yay God! Bible studies are always such a humbling experience that can often push you out of your comfort zone. A small reminder that God is in control and will lead you both in walk and talk.

The street meeting ended our night and was held in the town of York. A team member made the remark of how neat it was that here was a street meeting, loudly proclaiming the hope of Him, and it was held between two bars. This is not something you would ever see in America! What a refreshing time of singing and hearing the word given with such belief.

Tomorrow will bring another busy day. A visit to a preschool is planned as our first stop.  We will be continuing at the first site and are able to go back to the second work site to complete the housing effort. Thank you for the prayers and financial backing that made this second site happen! There is truly so much need in Jamaica.

**Tonight’s winners of the Big Boy and Big Girl awards are: Kade and Kaelea. Kade has done a remarkable job of stepping outside of any barriers in order to form relationships. A young man he befriended at our Monday night street meeting came to our second location tonight and is planning on being at church tomorrow. This is what a mission trip is all about, showing the love of Christ to others! Kaelea has had nonstop energy this week! She is always playing with the local children or starting a friendly conversation with an adult. Her passion for the Lord and others is very obvious and inspiring to see. **


Wednesday. March 20th

Two work sites, a school visit, a hospital tour and a church service all took place today! First thing this morning we were able to visit a preschool in Morant Bay. The group lead them in songs and told the story of Noah’s ark. The students especially enjoyed the acting out of Noah’s animals!

Our work continued on both job sites. Work is moving at a steady pace and the structures are now taking form.  The first site was given the proper rafters and supports for the roof while more walls were put up at the second site.

While the groups continued work at the sites two groups left to continue servicing others. A Bible study was held with the same couple as the day before. Please remember to pray and celebrate with us as they are to be baptized this Sunday before we fly home. The other group went with Sister Lelia to visit a hospital. They learned about terms used in the Jamaican medical system that differ from back home. The open aired hospital was quite different then what we see in America.

For Wednesday night church our group split into two. All of the group members who have taken part in this trip before went to Spanishtown for church and fellowships. It was a long drive, but worth the time it took to travel there. The church was excited to see everyone and was friendly and thankful for the work being done.

We are expecting another wonderful day tomorrow!

**Tonight’s winners of the Big Boy and Big Girl awards are: Drew and Ali. Drew has been incredible to watch open up and draw in Jamaicans in conversation. He has a servant heart that can be seen in both his words and actions. Ali is one of the first to welcome people to church, start a conversation with someone at a job site or play with a child. Her outgoing personality has been an incredible fit for this trip.


Thursday, March 21

Our first job site has seen quite a change! Roofing and framing of the doors and windows took place today! We have been blessed to have the help of local Jamaicans on the site in both building and conversation. We should be able to paint the home tomorrow as well as add the doors and Jamaican style windows!

The second job site was completed today. Framework was done and the roofing was completed. This site is home to a family with several children, which makes the day seem to go faster! We were very blessed to be able to get to know the story of this family and help in an area they are so desperately needing.

Since there was no street meeting or church service tonight we were able to take part in a Lipscomb Mission trip tradition…Jamaican Game Night! Some of the church members came and taught us how to play several Jamaican games. This night is always one of the favorites! The true competiveness of people come out on this night! Atoms, Fruit Basket, and Goal remain games that we that return always look forward to!

**Tonight’s winners of the Big Boy and Big Girl awards are: Travis and Kayla H. Travis was not someone that many of the group had met yet at Lipscomb until this trip. He always has an interesting story to share. Brother T and Travis have shared in some deep conversations about the world and religion. Without question, Travis always has something funny to say to make a situation less awkward! This is Kalya’s second year to come to Jamaica! She is such a hard worker and willing to do whatever is needed of her. She is more than ready to help in any manner, rather small or big. Her knowledge of the Jamaicans and relationships built in the last trip have helped make this trip successful.


–> Please continue to pray for the safety and success of our team as we serve the Lord. A few of our group members have gotten sick over the past few days, pray for their health and the ability to heal quickly.


Friday, March 23

As the last working day comes to an end, we finished the zinc roofing and paint the home at work site one. We were able to visit the patients’ infirmary today. Some members went to each of the wards and sang their  favorite hymns and devotional songs with the patients. Others prayed over and with the patients.  It was such a joy to bring laughter and love to the lives of each individual. The presence of the Lord was obvious today at the infirmary.

After our visit to the infirmary, we were able to share in yet another delicious meal prepared by the ladies of the church. Tonight was devoted to fellowship with each other and the Jamaican friends we have meet this week. To finish the night we played a few heated rounds of Mafia and had a devotional. Tomorrow’s plans are to enjoy the island with a trip to the sea and Port Antonio

**Tonight’s winners Big Boy and Big Girl Awards are: Chris and Katy. Both Chris and Katy were able to come and serve in Jamaica last year! These two always have a positive outlook and hard work ethic. Chris is a born leader! Katy is a natural with playing with the children and forming relationships!


 Saturday. March 24

It’s hard to believe how quickly this week has passed. Today was bitter sweet as we were able to relax and enjoy the island, but it was hard knowing it was our last full day.

Today we drove past Morant Bay to Boston to enjoy some of its famous jerk pork, along with jerk chicken and lobster. It was not a disappointment! After lunch we made our way to Port Antonio to the straw market. Here we were able to buy some mementos and gifts to take home as well as have some conversations with the local Jamaicans.  Our next stop was Long Bay Beach. It was a beautiful beach where some of the locals hang out. We all feasted on fresh snapper and jerk chicken while being able to eat right on the beach. It was great to “take a breeze” and enjoy the cool water and warm sun. We headed back to the church for singing and a devo which included Brother Grant, Marland, and Tony Ann.

We have another long day ahead of us tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels!

**Tonight’s winners of the Big Boy and Big Girl awards are: Sara, Denny, and Clayton. Sara was able to be added on to our trip two weeks before we left! She has been to Jamaica once before with her youth group. It was great to see her make new relationships with the team members and the Jamaicans. She was a great asset to our trip! Denny is always able to lighten any mood with his sense of humor. He is quick to do the little jobs that no one else thinks to do. Clayton is a hard worker who is often over looked. He seeks no praise and is always willing to do what is needed of him. He has been quick step up into a leadership role when needed this week. **

2012 Jamaica Mission Team

Arrival: Saturday, March 17, 2012

After months of preparing for Jamaica, we are finally here!
It is great to see a group of people from so many different backgrounds, get along so well. We are all building friendships with the people here in Morant Bay and with eachother as a team. Since the moment we stepped off of the vans here at the church, we have received nothing but kindness and love.
Our day has consisted of beautiful weather, playing with kids, meeting new and familiar faces, sight-seeing, and hospitality. Tomorrow morning is church- a few people will be going to the church in Soho where a couple of our guys will be leading, and the rest of the group will stay here and participate in the Morant Bay Church.
We have all appreciated this time so far getting to see Jamaica, but we are excited to start working on our projects for the week as well! As of right now, we will be building a house, repairing a roof, and painting.
Please be praying that the Lord gives us His heart for everyone here.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for a post- we had a few computer dificulties and no internet connection at one point. So, this is an entry from Sunday.

Today was such a great day of building relationships with the people here in Jamaica. Church went well this morning and we got to meet even more people. After church and lunch we went to the beach to hang out with people from the community. We had people playing with kids in the water, soccer with a large group of Jamaican guys, and spent time laughing along with people learning to swim.

For me personally, I was part of the group of four who went to the church in Soho. It was such a neat experience to be at a Jamaican church service for the first time.  Two of our guys lead the Bible study and then one our team leaders, Adam, lead the service.  I got to connect with some of the kids from the town and specifically an older lady, who I believe her name was Ms. Walker (if I heard her correctly). She was so precious. After the service she had a few of us come to her home where she gave us drinks and fruit to bring back to the church. It is humbling to see people who have so little compared to us back in the states, offer us so much.

These first 2 days here have been life-changing already. I am looking forward to what else God has in store. Tomorrow we begin our work projects!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today, our Jamaica mission team split up into two work groups. Ten of us went to a house in Soho and gave it a fresh coat of bright blue paint from the inside out and dug a hole around 7 and a half feet deep for the family to use for their restroom. The rest of the team went back to our main work site where we are building a house for a woman and her grandson.

I had the privilege of going to Soho to paint the house. The family that lives there are a beautiful woman named Melody along with her husband, Kevin, and their two year old son, Lamar. We were at the house from around 9 until 3 and while we painted Melody brought us fruit and a warm smile throughout the day. Lamar was a little shy at first but by the time we left he warmed up to our group, Garrett especially.

The work we did wasn’t strenuous so the entire day we were able to enjoy Melody and Lamar’s company. Seeing the conditions so many of the people of Jamaica live in is so humbling and eye opening. So many of us in America become desensitized to the rest of the world but being able to experience how others live first hand is such a blessing. The happiness and love the people of Jamaica show is encouraging and gives me motivation to love everyone with open arms. I see the spirit of God moving in these people, through their smiles and their hearts. It doesn’t matter that the color of our skin is different; these people love us as their own. I want to do that too. I want to make everyone feel like they have a special place in my heart, not to turn it into a show but simply to love them like God loves us. Before leaving Melody’s house she asked for several of our addresses so we can keep in touch and I have no doubt that she will. These people know how to form relationships with their brothers and sisters and keep it strong. In my experience, I find it so easy to come home from different places and fall back into my routine and almost forget what I experience and how God worked in my heart but I have been praying constantly since we arrived here that I would come home and not forget what God has taught me through the people of Jamaica.


Friday, March 23, 2012

For most my life, I’ve seen mission work as a one-way street. We travel to a new place and give the people what they need. It could be a house or a roof or a new paint job. Sure, we feel satisfied from serving others, but the people are at the receiving end.

But with every mission trip I go on…with every person I can make smile…with every child I can give a bit of hope…I’m starting to see why mission work is an exchange whether we realize it or not. We traveled to Jamaica with the intention of building a house for a woman in need. And we did. But we never knew that we would discover a new family. Not only did we give someone a roof over their head, we gave them adoration, attention, and affection. And in return, they showed us hospitality and the pure happiness of simplicity. Every evening we would sit in a devo and instead of talking about what we built with our hands, we talked about the home these people already had in their hearts for Jesus Christ.

More importantly, service is so much more than what we do when we’re out of the country. Jesus gave a charge to each and every Christian to go out and spread the good news. Whether it’s across the world or right in our hometowns, Jesus was talking to you and me. It’s a committed way of life, not a week or two out or the year. I once heard a saying that we are all commanded to go out and spread the Gospel…and use words if necessary. This means we carry the aroma of Christ everywhere we go, because we drench ourselves in his love. That’s what He meant…that is the Christian mission.


Brother J

As many of you have heard, Brother Johnson (Bro. J) passed away Friday afternoon after a relatively brief battle with stomach cancer. He brought joy to all who knew him and he honored God with his life. He and Sister J have changed my life in profound ways – and I know from all the emails, texts, messages and calls I’ve received over the past few days that I am not the only one who is changed for the better because of them. To say he will be greatly missed is a huge understatement.

It is my understanding, from speaking with Brother Mike, that the greatest way for us to help during this difficult time for Sister J is through financial donations. She is unable to travel up and down the hill to/from John’s Town without taking a taxi or getting a ride. This makes going to worship, going to the grocery or any other seemingly simple task exponentially difficult (and expensive). Aside from this, there are funeral costs that are more than can be afforded.

I’ve been trying to identify an easy, efficient way for all of us that wish to give to be able to do so. The solution that seems most appropriate is the PayPal “Donate Now” button below. I will then wire all of the funds raised to Brother Mike, so they can be quickly received by Sister J.

I would encourage you to give as you are able to help support her and to honor the memory of our Brother J.

Donate in Memory of Brother J
Funds received will be sent to Sister Johnson on July 1.

If you have any questions or want to help in a different way, please contact me.

Thank you.

Dave Culbreath

2011 Jamaica Mission Team

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our last day here in Jamaica was filled with enjoying God’s beautiful creation.  We woke up bright and early and headed straight for Port Antonio.  We stopped along the way at Boston to eat Boston-style jerk chicken for lunch.  We spent over an hour in the straw market of Port Antonio purchasing souvenirs and talking with the vendors.  After haggling down a few prices at the market, we packed up and headed back toward the beach.  The waters were so blue and the waves were extremely choppy today!  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant on the beach, taking in the breath-taking view of the ocean.  Most of us fell asleep in the vans on the way back, and were ready to play a round of Mafia before our devotional.  We came to  the conclusion that as a mission team, we came to Jamaica as strangers, and we will leave the country as family.  We have been blessed to enjoy such a wonderful week filled with reaching up to God and reaching out to man.

Friday, March 18, 2001

As the last working day comes to an end, Group One finished sealing the cement for Brother Grant’s bedroom, as well as replacing two doors. Group Two went to the same location as yesterday and painted the walls they replaced. Te nursing majors on our team were able to spend an hour taking a tour at the local hospital. We all were able to visit the patients infirmary today. We went to each of the wards and sand our favorite hymns and devotional songs with the patients. It was such a joy to bring laughter and love to the lives of each individual in the home. After our visit to the infirmary, a group of us went up to the mountain to visit a church at Soho. Matt explained the work and services the past Jamaica mission teams have done. After yet another good meal we all gathered into a circle to play some Jamaican games – a tradition here for mission groups. We played different kinds of hand slap games, fruit basket turnover, and a game called atoms. To finish the night we played a few heated rounds of Mafia.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! We started our morning by going to a elementary school to teach a VBS-type devotional.  Needless to say, we all enjoyed having about 50 children around us begging for hugs.  We discussed an interactive story about David and Goliath.  The children enjoyed playing the characters in the story, along with singing and dancing to VBS songs.  After we had breakfast, we separated into our groups and headed to our designated work sites.  Group One was finally able to mix the cement and completely finish one room for Brother Grant. Group Two went to another house in the community and replaced the walls to a bedroom.  After all the hard work this morning, we went to Yallahs to enjoy jerk chicken.  Afterwards, we went to the beach to cool down and relax.  For the rest of the night, we played Mafia, dominoes, and card games at the church. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We have gotten so much work done today at the construction sites.  Group One filled another one of Brother Grant’s rooms with rock and dirt to prepare it for cement tomorrow.  Slight, sporadic rain showers prevented us from mixing the cement, and we had to postpone that for tomorrow.  Group Two (joined by the Evangelism Team) completed the second coat of paint for the house that received a new roof and kitchen, completing that project. The final revival sermon tonight was about developing a passionate desire to make Heaven your home when life is over.  We have all been deeply motivated by the revival meetings this week and sad to see them come to an end tonight.  We have enjoyed the energetic lessons brought to us by Brother Martin from the Cayman Islands.  The mission team has had wonderful bonding experiences playing our favorite game called “Mafia.”  We are having a wonderful time serving our Lord!
Philippians 1:21
21 For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It has been another wonderful day here in Jamaica! Group One prepared Brother Grant’s floor to pour cement and finish up tomorrow.  Group Two successfully replaced a roof and painted the house for one of the church members. The last group was given another opportunity to go throughout neighborhoods and invite the community to our revival meetings. We were thrilled to see the increase in attendance tonight thanks to the evangilism efforts. We worked so hard this morning, that we took a break to cool down at the near by beach of Golden Shores around 2:00 PM. Our lession tonight at the revival meeting was about having the desire to develop spiritual gifts and talents that we can use for the service of God.  We learned that what we do with our God-given talents and gifts are based on the choices that we make and the desires of our hearts.
1 Peter 4:10-11
 As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 11 If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today we divided into three service teams and dispersed throughout the community.  One group was responsible for re-constructing Brother Grant’s floor.  The second group was in charge of replacing a roof on one of the church member’s home, as well as replacing the walls around the kitchen.  The last group went to different areas of the community to spread the word about the church’s revival meetings.  We all had special experiences and great bonding time with our team and the Jamaicans we met along the way.  Our lesson from the revival meeting tonight continued on the subject of Desire.  The main point of the sermon was to actively desire to worship God not as a spectator, but as a participant. 
Psalm 27:4-5:
One thing I have desired of the LORD,
That will I seek: 
That I may dwell in the house of the LORD 
All the days of my life,
To behold the beauty of the LORD,
 And to inquire in His temple.
 For in the time of trouble
 He shall hide me in His pavilion;
 In the secret place of His tabernacle
 He shall hide me;
  He shall set me high upon a rock.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

 We are finally in Morant Bay, Jamaica! We were greeted with a light rain shower as soon as we departed the plane.  After renting the vans and meeting Brother Michael at the airport, Matt proudly proved himself as a true Jamaican driver!  We arrived at the church around 4:30PM with an amazing lunch awaiting for us.  The rest of our afternoon was filled with fellowship with the church members, playing soccer, and duck-duck-goose with the children.  At 7:00PM, the church held the “tent meeting” based on the topic of desire.  We were all encouraged by Brother Martin’s enthusiastic message on the subject.  For Tomorrow, we have divided into three teams (two teams based at different construction projects and the other team door knocking in the community).

The 2011 Lipscomb Spring Break Mission Team is currently en route to Morant Bay. Stand by for the latest news and updates from the team.

2010 Mission Team Updates

Saturday, March 20, 2011
Today we enjoyed ourselves on the beautiful island of Jamaica. After a full week of work, several of our Jamaican brothers took us to the parish of Portland. Portland is on the Eastern/North Eastern coast of Jamaica. We left this morning around 9:00am and headed straight to Port Antonio. We shopped at the market for a few hours before turning back and going to Boston for Jerk Chicken. Next, we arrived at Long Bay Beach. Our intention was to take a momentary stop for pictures and then continue to Reich Falls; however, it was obvious that everyone wanted to simply stay and relax on the beach, and so that’s what we did. We had a great day, and we ended the evening with a night of games and fellowship. The Big Boy and Girl winners for the day were Jeff and Halie.

It is hard to believe that the week has come to an end. In a month’s time we hope everyone is still thinking about this week in Jamaica, and maybe even planning to return next spring break. For those of you reading, thank you for your prayers this week, and please continue to pray for our safe return home tomorrow.

Friday, March 19, 2010
It is difficult to believe, but we have already finished our last work day in Jamaica. The work week was filled with tremendous projects — and some of the projects we didn’t even have on the agenda until we arrived here! Today we were all over the Morant Bay and SoHo areas. The Soho roof crew continued their work all day today and all but finished it. There is only a small amount of work to be done by Brother Thompson next week. Matt’s crew went back to Sister Pearl’s house to complete the porch and floor renovation. They finished the work just before dinner time tonight. Brother Michael took another group to deliver food in the Soho area, and the rest of the group members went to a local private school, named Providence. One of the church members, Tamara, is a teacher there. What started out as a small art project in Tamara’s classroom turned into a school-wide painting day. With Patti’s artistic help, we painted rainbows, ackee, flags, aquarium scenes, office signs, gardens, and the list goes on. Hopefully all the teachers and students are happy with what we created. After dinner tonight, Brother Michael took a small group of team members to a Bible class at the Soho church. It was very encouraging to see so many women and children there tonight. We ended the evening with a terrific devotional. Gregory led singing with Jamaican songs, and everyone had a chance to share their favorite memories of the day. Congratulations to the Big Boy and Big Girl winners tonight: Caroline M. and Chris!

Tomorrow we will relax and spend some time in Port Antonio and Reach Falls. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel tomorrow and prepare to come back to the United States.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Happy St.Patrick’s Day from Jamaica! (Although none of the Jamaicans seemed to understand this day of green and pinching!) Today was a day of many accomplishments. We finished painting the church today. This huge job included the inside, outside, 2 classrooms, all the doors and iron gates, and even the church lettering. It was quite the feat! The group at SoHo continued to work on the roof and are coming very close to finishing. Today we also sent a group to work on Sister Pearl’s home. The plan was to redo the floor, but what the group found was a lot more work than expected. They spent the day removing the old floor, the support beams, and even bits of concrete! The group will return tomorrow to continue their hard work. The group had a late, but amazing, lunch in Yallahs! Everyone enjoyed their Jerk Chicken and Festival bread. A few people were even brave enough to try a Juice Patti. After returning from lunch the group spent time relaxing, playing with some of the local children and having a soccer game on a sand field that overlooked the sea. Tonight we enjoyed a wonderful church service lead by Daniel’s singing and Steve giving the lesson. The night was made perfect by our dear Jamaican friends teaching us Jamaican games that everyone enjoyed! We ended the night with a short devo and a tired group of hard workers. Congratulations to Big Boy Farron and Big Girl Patti!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2011
Our second full work day in Jamaica has come to a close. We are all taking showers and drinking another water or Gatorade, eagerly looking forward to bedtime. Today was filled with hard work. The church group continued the work by finishing the exterior paint and painting the entire interior of the church building. We also finished painting the murals in the children’s classrooms. Everything looks fresh, bright, and inviting. The Soho group continued working on the roof project, and will probably finish by tomorrow or Thursday. Finally, Brother Michael took seven group members around the Morant Bay area and delivered much needed food to various church members. According to the members who went, the experience was awesome. The plan is to deliver more food tomorrow. We had an early dinner and played a few games afterward. We tried to call it an early evening (since everyone is filthy and tired), so we wrapped up the evening with a devotional. Congratulations to the Big Boy and Big Girl winners of the evening: Matt, Hope, and Amanda!

Monday, March 15, 2010
Today started with a great breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, dumplings, and several more delicious treats. Once the breakfast was finished, we loaded up on sunscreen and began our first full work day. Eleven of our group members plus Brother Thompson and Marlon went up to Soho to begin removing the roof of a home. They spent the entire day taking turns working; the group members who were “taking a breeze” spent time with the local Jamaicans and played with the children. The majority of the group stayed at the church building today. We painted the outside of the church building, cleaned and painted the two children’s classrooms, and started painting a mural in one of the classrooms. Thanks to group member Patti Ross, she and several other team members have created an awesome wall mural that the children will surely love. The work ended for the day around 5:00pm. After a quick clean-up, the group came together for dinner and relaxation time. Of course, four square was the game of choice this evening. During our devo, the Big Boy award was given to Marlon, and the Big Girl award to Erica. Tomorrow will be a lot of the same: continue the work in Soho and continue painting the interior of the church.

Sunday, March 14, 2010
Our first full day in Jamaica was a busy, yet relaxing one. We started out the day with church. Half of the group went to SoHo to attend Bible class and service while the other remained in Morant Bay. Both services were very uplifting and the Jamaican singing was wonderful, as always. After service, lunch and some down time we traveled to the private beach to enjoy the sea. The day continued with Sunday night service with the two groups switching locations for worship. We enjoyed 4 Square, soccer and many other games before ending the night with a devo. Tomorrow will be our first work day in Jamaica. We are planning on having two groups for the work projects. One group will be going to Soho to remove and replace a zinc roof. The other group will remain at the church for a major paint job including the inside and outside of the building. We are all ready to begin and excited to serve.

Saturday, March 13, 2010
We have arrived in Morant Bay, Jamaica! Our exhausted group of 30 has been on the go since 2 am, so it is time for bed. We arrived in Jamaica at 1:30 this afternoon. After renting the vans and meeting Brother Michael at the airport, Daniel and Adam finally got to prove themselves as Jamaican drivers. They both did an excellent job getting us here safely. The wonderful ladies of the church greeted us with a great dinner, and we spent the remainder of the evening relaxing, playing soccer, and enjoying dominoes. Tomorrow our group will be going to both the Soho and the Morant Bay church services. Several of our group members will have the opportunity to lead worship and children’s classes.